Virtual events - doing it right!

Make Distance Irrelevant.

Whether you need to change a physical event to an on-line one or you want to build one from scratch, we can create acentric and captivating global events.

We have full production studio with a live television production facility, crew, equipment, multi-cam to green screen, in-studio or on-location all under one roof, all around the world!

Live production streams to Websites, YouTube, Roku, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more!

  • Story telling line up – like a movie you want to keep your viewers to the end.
  • Story telling MC’s / anchors. Great opportunity to find the talents in the company, or use professional ones.
  • Short sessions – it can be an interview, a presentation or a panel, but it must be short, precise and sharp.
  • You can broadcast live from any place in the world, through the home studio and reach thousands of people at the same time.
  • Throw in the social media abilities and you get a real live event, with real networking on social.